MISSION STATEMENT: Chamber Music San Francisco is dedicated to the presentation of chamber music concerts and recitals of the highest possible quality. Beyond the presentation of excellent concerts, we seek to build new audiences for chamber music, which we believe embodies the most direct and accessible communication from composer to listener.

 “A musical performance is like a bullfight—the moment of truth.”
—Artur Rubinstein

If you are already a fan of classical music (and there are some people for whom it is a sustenance as vital as food) then please read on for a bit of our philosophy. If you are new to it, all the better...

Some people may think of “classical music” as being dry and dusty, but nothing could be further from the truth; it is passionate, full of life, and surprising.

Furthermore, the kind of concerts we present—chamber music (small ensembles) and recitals by superb soloists—are sort of a personal conversation between you, the performer and the composer, and Mozart and Beethoven were most interesting people.

We choose our performers not only for their musical abilities, but for their ability to connect with audiences. Otherwise, you may as well stay home and listen to music on Spotify! The thrill of the live concert experience is possible because it is real people performing for real people.

Our belief is that the combination of three key ingredients—top-notch musicians, a willing audience, and an intimate theater—produces an exhilarating experience.

Further, we believe that whenever a person performs in front of a live audience, there is an element of theatre which is intrinsic to the performance. This belief on our part is a thread running through our seasons, and influences our programming, even subtly.

We are enthusiastic about presenting this kind of music, which is not only easy to understand but also, happily, embodies the most personal and heartfelt utterances of the great composers. We strive to have each of our concerts be a memorable event.

Besides presenting concerts in San Francisco since 2004, we have had one “satellite” concert series in Walnut Creek since 2007, and another on the Peninsula since 2009. Such a concert partnership between three independent communities to present classical touring artists is unique in the United States, and everybody wins:

  • the performers, who get a nice fee for doing three performances in three days
  • our organization, as we save on artist fees, administration costs, and other expenses
  • the audiences, most of all, as they get to hear top-tier artists, in intimate venues, at modest prices

For an overall view of our current season in all three communities, click here for the Concert Grid. Also, each of the three cities has its own annual cycle of subscription and ticket sales: San FranciscoWalnut Creek, and Palo Alto.

Please keep exploring our site to learn more about us and how we fit into the Bay Area's musical life...