Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get single tickets to your performances?
In our 297-seat theatre we sell 290 or 292 subscriptions each year. The rest of the seats are held back until the last minute for press, artist friends, etc. In addition, subscribers typically turn back a few seats at each performance because they are travelling, or due to illness, etc. and those seats are released for re-sale to the general public. In other words there are usually some seats that become available for each performance, but they are hard to predict. You can try calling the Ticket Office (925.943.7469) in the weeks leading up to the performance you want, or just show up at the theatre in the hour before the performance begins. However, the only certain way of getting tickets is to subscribe.

I bought a subscription—does that get me any other discounts?
Yes. Our subscribers in Walnut Creek automatically get a discount at all our concerts in San Francisco. You can see that schedule here and get the discount by ordering by phone: our San Francisco Box Office number is 415.392.4400.

How do you assign seats?
When we do the subscriber seating, we try to be as fair as possible. Generally, our existing subscribers can keep their seats, except for the rare occurrence that we need them for our major donors. We then try to honor seating requests from existing subscribers to improve their seats; our supporters earn priority among these. Then we seat new subscribers based on how early they have subscribed. Single ticket buyers get whatever seats happen to become available. Overall, the longer subscribers stay with us, the better their seats.

What is your ticket exchange policy?
Sorry, but because we are sold out, we cannot exchange tickets from one concert into another.

I cannot attend one of my concerts—can I donate my ticket?
Yes. In this case please contact the Ticket Office (925.943.7469) as soon as you know you cannot attend the concert. We will then re-sell the seat to the general public, and you have made a tax-deductible donation, based on the face value of the ticket(s).

Why are you in such a small theatre?
There are two reasons for this. First, it creates a very special experience, very intimate and personal, for both the audience and the performer. Second, if we moved to a larger theatre we would have to spend our organization's time and money on marketing the individual concerts. We would rather settle for less income, knowing exactly what that income will be, and spend our time and money putting the very best performers possible on our stage.

Why do you need donations?
Like most nonprofit concert series of our size, we earn only 40% of our income from ticket sales and the other 60% must come from contributed support, even though we sell out our performances. If you like what we do and want us to succeed in Walnut Creek, please consider helping us with a donation.